KF Comtech is an instrument system integration company which provide total or partial solution to help customers extract useful data by low-cost and easy way. The product also able integrate, systematize and make the data more simple to use thereby reduce cost and save time.

We provide environmental monitoring system to monitor earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, while helping society to understand these events and in addition, we also provide products for monitoring civil structures, bridges, dams, and nuclear power plants as this monitoring activities provides important information about the structures' responses to natural or man-induced seismicity. thereby reducing loss of life or property.

We also provide specialize equipment to measure solar radiation/ wind condition and are able to products for monitor atmospheric properties related to climate change, classical meteorology, agriculture, renewable energy and the available water budget.

Our Product

Shake Event Recorder (SER)

The SER is an effective and low-cost recorder that provides critical information in the aftermath of a large or felt earthquake or shakes.

Our Portfolio


Measurements of ground movement based on seismicity monitoring system


Measurements of sea waves based on water level monitoring system


Measurements of air atmospheric based on environmental monitoring system